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We are delighted to announce a brand new lead generation tool, Webinars by Port Technology International.

With the advent of a global pandemic, the world has entered an unprecedented period in history. Now more than ever the importance of digital distribution is being felt, as innovations and developments within every sector rely on information distribution methods that were simply not viable a decade ago.

Given the age of the industry, the maritime world has a rich history in facing crises. However, never before has the opportunity to broadcast these developments been so accessible, and the conversation been so important economically. 

Port Technology International are pleased to be able to contribute towards these discussions with our newest partnership opportunity, Webinars by Port Technology. 

For 17 years we have been at the forefront of the industry’s technological boom, and this new venture has allowed us to gather together the most important people in the sector to discuss the latest challenges, opportunities and solutions in a brand new way.

Our first webinars involved a debate on the future of automation and a session on the current and future state of play for container automation, and were watched and contributed to by over 800 people during the course of the sessions and the on-demand showings.

However, since the above, we have also been inundated with requests to host webinars on behalf of special partners, and to open up the opportunity to take advantage of our unique and trusted position within the maritime world.

We have therefore developed our tailored Webinar Packages, so that we are able to work closely with solution providers to get selected messages across in a modern and engaging way, and generate engaged leads.

Webinars by Port Technology International will allow you the opportunity to:

  • Promote your business in an organic and meaningful way to hundreds of interested audience members
  • Place your company or product at the forefront of the industry’s top minds
  • Sit down and engage with the topics people really want to learn more about, setting your business as a thought-leader in these matters
  • Generate hundreds of fully GDPR-compliant leads (from registrants), including Name, Company, Role, Phone Number and Email Address
  • Join our list of Approved Industry Suppliers, a unique directory developed to allow the major players in the maritime world to connect and forge business relationships (linked)
  • Claim special rates for attending or sponsoring our future Live Events

With Webinars by Port Technology International, we hope to ease the building of meaningful business relationships and generate vital leads for our partners. If you are interested in becoming a Partner and hosting your own series of webinars, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch to discuss what your company can contribute to the conversation.

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