UK in the Post-Brexit Landscape: Looking Through the Maelstrom



Tim Morris, CEO, UK Major Ports Group, and Richard Ballantyne, CEO, British Ports Association, London, UK


The CEOs of Britain's major port associations discuss how the sector can prepare for and manage the upheaval created by Brexit.

Brexit has dominated all recent headlines about the UK ports sector. As we write this article there remains, to put it diplomatically, significant uncertainty over how, or even if, Brexit will play out.

A strange mixed sense of concern and ‘Brexit fatigue’ hangs over the UK. Or, less diplomatically, as one anonymous senior UK Government Minister reportedly put it when asked what was happening: “Who knows, I’m passed caring.”

While Brexit, as with any major upheaval, brings risks and challenges, it shouldn’t be allowed to obscure the very strong fundamentals that the UK ports sector is built upon.

Neither should it blind those outside of the UK’s ports owners and operators, to the deep ambitions of the sector to not only continue to play its bedrock role for the UK, but to grow the already significant value it brings to the national economies and coastal communities.

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