Transforming Terminals in the Mega-Age



Uno Bryfors, Senior Vice President, ABB Ports


Uno Bryfors assess how terminals around the world are adapting to the changing nature of the shipping industry and what these facilities can do to transform with the times.

The mega-sizing of the shipping industry, with larger ships, hub port strategies, consolidations and new alliances, drives container terminals to transform their operations to stay relevant.

Furthermore, the cascading brings the mega-age effect to terminals of all types and sizes, to greenfield and existing facilities alike. This paper discusses three main megaage drivers for container terminal change and different strategies for implementing transformation.

In order to answer this question, we have identified three mega-drivers impacting container terminals over the coming years.

The mega-age has shifted the focus from building new terminals to re-equipping existing terminals to provide the required productivity, high peak capacity and high container storage capacity.

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