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At ports and terminals around the world, automation is on the rise, in part because of the improvements in safety, productivity, quality and profitability, but also in response to the continued increase in vessel size, port and vessel utilisation and the need for enhanced productivity. TMEIC Corporation’s material handling business based in Roanoke, Virginia, US, has a long, successful history in the crane industry through its supply of equipment and systems throughout the world. Through engineering, experience, and cutting-edge technology, the company continually improves industrial motor and drive systems by developing the latest equipment, and integrated solutions in response to industry needs. TMEIC focuses its material handling on three areas, including: • Integrated engineering and technology for high performance crane control systems including drive equipment, electronic anti-sway control, crane management systems (CMS), control, automation, and commissioning • Comprehensive drive systems, from DC drives to high-performance AC drives • High quality crane equipment and systems suitable for use in the port container terminal industry. TMEIC’s crane control systems are designed to meet the most demanding applications and environmental conditions, and include the latest advancements in automation systems for a range of industrial applications, maximising both safety and crane productivity.

A history of industry leadership

TMEIC’s impressive history of engineering and supplying crane drives can be traced back to 1941, when their first Maxspeed® crane drives were supplied for cementhandling cranes at Fontana Dam in California. When TMEIC drives were installed on the world’s first high-speed, dockside container-handling crane in 1959, they reduced ship turnaround time from three weeks to 18 hours. Since 1984, TMEIC has participated in the engineering and installation of more than 3,000 crane control systems globally, including: • The world’s first automated containerhandling cranes at London Thamesport in 1989 • The first laser vision system for automatic landing in Singapore with seven-high stacking cranes • The first automated container handling cranes in the US at Portsmouth, Va., in 2007. “TMEIC’s success, and our customers’ success, happens because of the partnerships we create that allow us to customise projects in order to meet their needs,” explains Kevin Russell, general manager, material handling for TMEIC. “Our solutions are focused on system integration and by remaining flexible and adapting to customers’ unique automation needs. We provide solutions that are effective, on-time and on-budget.”

TMEIC thought leadership in crane systems technology

TMEIC’s crane systems focus specifically …

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