The Sky’s The Limit: Using Drones to Future-Proof the Seaport



Chris Mason, Business Development, EMEA, Rajant, London, UK


Drones are transforming the way organizations operate across the world. While most are prevalent in the military and defense industry, seaports are climbing to the top of the list of industries in the commercial sector that can reap the benefits.

From container and cargo management through to data storage, logistics management, and national security, drones can be used across the entire supply chain. Some companies have already reimagined drones to take their benefits one step further. Maersk Tankers, for example, recently revealed it had completed its first drone delivery to a ship to test whether unmanned aerial vehicles can be used and implemented in its supply chain.

Seaport operators can also maximize their potential by taking advantage of small, lightweight drones. These aerial platforms can collect and transfer large amounts of information, work around a range of obstacles and operate days, or even weeks, over long distances. This, in turn, enables port terminals to achieve transformative productivity and efficiency gains.

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