The next generation of disc brake technology



Thilo Pfister, Siegerland Bremsen, Emde GmbH & Co, Haiger-Rodenbach, Germany, speaks with Port Technology International


Recently, Port Technology International sat down with Mr Thilo Pfister, Managing Director of Sibre Brakes, a leading manufacturer and supplier of crane brakes, to discuss the latest model of crane brakes that have introduced to the market.

Sibre has just launched a new version of the Disc brake type TEXU twin calibre brakes. How do these differ from other brakes?

When introducing the 1st generation of TEXU-brakes in 1999, the basic target was to offer a disc brake easily replacing existing shoe brakes for modernizing or upgrading of existing hoists. Shoe brakes have certain disadvantages for example in regards to the torque capacity, max. temperature and max. sliding speed, but also one particular advantage: With Shoe brakes, the two brake shoes applying the clamping force in tangential direction are offset by 180 degrees – one in the
3 o’clock position and one at 9 o’clock.

Thus, the reaction forces onto the shaft are virtually compensated. Traditional disc brakes coming with one pair of shoes however, apply the clamping force onto the disc 

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