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Supercharged Free Ports: The Evolution of Port-Centric Logistics

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Author(s): Geoff Lippitt, Business Development Director, PD Ports, Middlesbrough, UK

The concept of port-centric logistics isn’t new and many will say it has been around almost as long as ports themselves. Today, it is an integral part of supply chain management and in the UK PD Ports has been one of the leading port operators to
embrace and develop the concept.

Today the vast majority of port-centric logistics is based around container shipping. Conventionally, the container is unloaded from the ship at the port and then transported to an inland destination before being transported again to its final destination. In the port-centric approach, the container is unloaded (or “unstuffed”) at the port and its contents are then transported inland sometimes as palletised freight.

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Delivering Performance

PTI Edition 84 • Digital & Print
As the automation trend continues to grow rapidly in the ports and terminals sector, key stakeholders are looking for ways to deliver performance. This edition, published ahead of the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, focuses on how terminals can achieve results.

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