Russian and CIS Ports: Recent Developments and Investment Opportunities



C5, London, UK


The Russian port industry is entering a period of rapid growth. Recently endorsed regulations have considerably improved conditions for investments. Due to  increasing volumes of importexport operations, the Russian ports industry has become highly attractive for both domestic and international investors. Representing important transport distributions centres, it plays a vital role in the increased international trade, thus facilitating economic progress of the country.

Trade routes

The explosive growth of container trade has created both challenges and opportunities for local terminal operators, sea carriers and all other business participants. Russian Far East ports are instrumental in the development of the Trans-Siberian Railway and its connection with the International Transit through Russian territory.

The North East Route is a key transit corridor from North East Asia to Europe requiring the creation of huge port capacities in North regions. The Northern Sea Route has an enormous potential in becoming a primary link in the world’s sea transport. Northwest Russia, to a growing extent, will realise its transport connections with Europe in the development of the Northern Maritime Corridor project.

Overall, Russia needs to expand its port capacity as well as to be able to exploit its neighbour’s opportunities effectively. All of these will require huge investments from both Russian and foreign investors. Russian Government has adopted various target programmes and state strategies as well as the recent regulatory
changes, which will boost investments into the industry. Third International Investment Forum on

Russian and CIS Ports

Following the huge success and positive feedback of the very first event in St Petersburg, C5 is pleased to host the Third International Investment Forum on Russian and CIS Ports in St Petersburg again, March 30 – 31st 2009. The conference programme ensures delegates an invaluable learning opportunity from an exceptional line-up of speakers.

Examining the challenges

associated with developing and financing the Russian and CIS Ports Industry, especially in this turbulent investment climate, the conference will again cover key topics, issues and trends facing the port investment and finance market.

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