Responding to your oil spill needs



Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc., North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Aqua-Guard serves the needs of any producer or handler of petroleum products located on or near a body of water and has been doing so since 1982. Our products are proven in use and have earned a reputation for innovative, easy to use, and effective features.

Aqua-Guard has installed, for over 300 terminal operators and port authorities worldwide, a line of permanent harbour boom for containment around fixed installations along with Tier I & II oil spill response packages which incorporate an array of inflatable booms loaded on powered reels and state of the art oil recovery skimming systems, all stored in standard containers for storage and easy deployment from quayside locations.

The core of the Aqua-Guard product line is a range of oil skimmers featuring both rotating brush/disc/drum models and weir skimmer models in varying sizes and pump capacities. We can customise a skimmer to individual applications and preferences.

All of our skimmers feature:

• High capacity and high efficiency (up to 98 per cent)

• High quality welded aluminum bodies with marine grade coatings

• Pumps to suit any application (diaphragm, lobe, screw)

• Easy to exchange oil recovery inserts

• Hydraulic power packs with reliable diesel engines, and simple operating controls

Aqua-Guard has developed a new (patent pending) design for their rotating brush skimmer incorporating features that improve performance in recovering heavy oils. This system has had extremely successful field experience on a heavy oil spills.

Our oil skimmers can be as small as a portable head that can be hand-carried to a spill site all the way up to a sophisticated multi-head unit deployed from a Jetty/wharf with a floating hose system for hydraulic and recovery hoses, and remotely controlled thrusters for maneuvering. Skimmers can be used to respond to a spill or can be deployed in treatment ponds to separate oil from water before further polishing.

Aqua-Guard offers a complete line of oil spill response gear including offloading pumps, storage tanks, and dispersant spray systems. All of our equipment is subject to ISO 9001:2000 standards for design, workmanship, and materials. For major installations to credit worthy users, we can offer equipment financing and leasing options to reduce initial capital outlay, and our key agents and distributors have workshop facilities and stores for maintenance and spare parts.

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