Research and Development of Automatic Bulk Cargo Equipment in Modern Ports: Part 1



Bao Qifan, Vice President, Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. Ltd, China, Jiang Xia, Shanghai Qifan Co. Ltd, China, & Wu Zhaowei, Wuhan University of Technology, China


This paper describes research and development into automatic grab ship unloaders, automatic loading machines, and automatic bucket stackers and reclaimers for bulk cargo in the Port of Shanghai, which have been integrated with a multitude of advanced technologies, such as long-range detection, computer networks,  automatic control, and intelligent decision-making etc.

With the above integration, efficient automatic bulk loading and unloading can be implemented in the port, along with achieving management and control integration of automated operations creatively, and establishing a solid foundation for building fully automatic bulk cargo terminals.


With the development of economic globalisation, the capacity of bulk cargo, especially ore and coal, is growing… 

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