Realising 5G Smart-Port Use Cases With a Digital Twin



Realising 5G Smart-Port Use Cases With a Digital Twin
Dr. Gunther Auer, Researcher, Concepts, Ericsson, Dr. Rong Du, Concepts Researcher, Concepts, Ericsson, and Dr. Ahsan Mahmood, Researcher, Concepts, Ericsson


5G New Radio (NR) technology is emerging as one of the cornerstones in the development of the smart ports of the future, with the ability to support everything from the remote operation of wirelessly connected cranes and automated guided vehicles to the wireless transmission of video streams recorded by multiple cameras.

This article presents the findings of Ericsson researchers who have created a Digital Twin powered by cutting-edge GPU computing to accurately dimension and realistically model the performance of a private 5G network in a smart-port environment.

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