Q&A: Kalmar – Automation Today



Timo Alho, Vice President; Jarno Kuipers, Senior Manager; Christopher Saavedra, Manager, Terminal Design Services, Kalmar Automation Solutions


In this exclusive discussion with Kalmar, PTI spoke to top executives about automation, how Kalmar approaches the technology and how to overcome the challenges that the port industry faces in today’s climates.

Excerpt: “We have seen that automation has been slowly but steadily gaining more ground in container terminal operations. Automation of the stacking yard has become widely accepted for new container yards globally, and there are also many terminals that have deployed automated solutions for the horizontal transportation of containers. Remote control and semi-automation functions have also become more common for quay cranes.

“The drivers of automation investments have become more diverse than earlier. Besides saving on operating costs, operators are looking to improve occupational safety at terminals, resolve issues with labour availability, provide better ergonomics to staff, and gain greater control over their operations.”

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