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Providing Ports with Customised, Cost-Efficient Lighting Solutions

As ports look for ways to reduce operating costs, replacement of older lighting equipment can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Some ports operate their lighting over 4,000 hours a year, causing significant maintenance and energy costs. Musco’s lighting systems combine lighting, structural, and electrical components to ensure a trouble-free operation and a costeffective solution. Our lighting systems also offer dimming capabilities when the port is inactive, improved energy efficiency and a safer environment for workers by reducing glare.
Energy efficiency is not fully dependent on a light source. With four decades of system design and expertise, Musco has increased the efficiency of the same basic 1500-watt metal halide lamp by nearly 40%. By understanding how a port is designed and how it functions, this allows us to aim and operate fixtures where they are needed to ensure the design of the lighting complements the port operations, maximising energy consumption…
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