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PortForward: Towards a Green and Sustainable Ecosystem

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Author(s): Afshin Mansouri, Stefanos Kokkorikos, PortForward

Author's note: The project PortForward, funded by EU Horizon 2020 framework, aims to enhance the sustainability of maritime shipping by making the Port of the Future smarter, greener and more interconnected using a combination of optimisation, decision support, and ICT/IoT solutions to reduce environmental impacts of port operations while improving cost- and service-oriented KPIs and facilitate information flows between ports and port communities. 

The project PortForward is an investment of nearly $6 million by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme to make the port of the future smarter, greener and more interconnected. After formally commencing on July 1, 2018, for 42 months, the project is a response to the call made by the European Commission in 2015, which invited “modernization” for European trade hubs…

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Smart Ports & Supply Chains

PTI Edition 79 • Digital & Print
The supply chain is altering to fit a smarter future; technologies once perceived as threats are quickly becoming opportunities. This edition explores beyond the port to inform its readership about the incoming changes that will evolve ports into 'smart' nodes.

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