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Author(s): Gerald Hirt, Managing Director, HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

Two trends have defined container shipping in the past decade. To start with, bigger and bigger ships were built at an unprecedented pace and the result was systemic overcapacity, which triggered various consolidations among shipping companies. The second is that port authorities and terminal operators have been faced with major challenges owing to this development. Upgrading an existing quay wall to accommodate new gantry crane models, for example, requires much more time for preparation and construction than the construction of an 18,000 TEU ship. 

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Smart Ports & Supply Chains

PTI Edition 79 • Digital & Print
The supply chain is altering to fit a smarter future; technologies once perceived as threats are quickly becoming opportunities. This edition explores beyond the port to inform its readership about the incoming changes that will evolve ports into 'smart' nodes.

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