Port Community Systems: Taking Ports to the Next Level



Jan Gardeitchik, Digital Lead, Digital Business Solutions, Port of Rotterdam


Not too long ago, the major focus for ports was on their physical infrastructure, as the World Economic Forum ranked ports on this basis. The equation was simple: good infrastructure equalled a guaranteed high
ranking. However, today’s world demands digital connectivity and an optimal port ecosystem that combines physical assets with world-class information management.

Henceforth, in the past few years, the world’s leading ports have been investing in their digital ecosystems, in particular in creating Port Community Systems (PCS) to enhance their connectivity. Port
Community Systems arrange a single entry platform of data in a port for business to government messages and the business to business messages. Boosting the efficiency by providing digital, real time information
to all players in the port.

Now, in the new digital world, numerous ports of all sizes are following their digital lead, building digital ecosystems for all their stakeholders to exchange data. Even so, projects and proposed systems are still created by…

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