No growth? Squeeze the lemon!



Dr. Yvo Saanen, TBA b.v., Delft, The Netherlands


It appears that everything is coming to a standstill due to the economic panic all around. The reality of the here and now is a drop in container handling volume to levels of 2006/2007. Most terminals will end 2008 still at par with 2007 as the first nine months showed steady growth. However, the dramatic drop since October has undone this increase. Thus, today’s reality has changed, and this downward trend is likely to continue for at least the coming year or two. What shall we do?

Doing more with less
In the training session TBA give to various customers, we preach the mantra “doing more with less” or “squeezing the lemon”.

Not only in times where cost cutting is key, but also as common practice. However, many terminals have been so overwhelmed with volume increases over the last decade, that the focus has been on accommodating growth rather than streamlining operations…

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