Modern container security devices for modern cargo



The Intelligent Container R&D Center (ICC), Busan, Korea


Since its inception under the auspices of the Korean Government in 2007, the Intelligent Container R&D Center (ICC) is now pursuing cutting-edge research on conveyance security devices for ever-safer transport of container freight.

The ICC’s major product developments to date include the ConTracer (container security device), the i-CON (intelligent container), and the i-Seal (electronic sealing device). The ICC is sharing its role with a consortium of leading universities and companies in the region to commercialize these products successfully.

ConTracer: the modern conveyance security device

Produced in response to the safety and security regulations of the U.S. SAFE Port Act of 2006, the ConTracer device attaches quickly and simply inside the cargo container and provides real-time monitoring of the container’s location and status. It is currently undergoing domestic and international trials to improve its performance and increase its commercialization.

With a ConTracer installed, real-time tracking of a container's complete status becomes possible. The ConTracer monitors temperature, humidity, shock levels, and internal status of cargoes. It can also detect illegal container opening through its e-Seal function and send a real-time warning through its 2.45GHz and 433MHz wireless system – all powered by a rechargeable battery. i-CON: the modern intelligent container

By integrating u-IT intelligent technology into existing cargo containers, all aspects of freight status can be monitored and confirmed in real-time, facilitating rapid clearance of port security and faster cargo transportation.

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