Mitigating Ship Delay Impacts on Stacking Operations: A Data Analytics Solution



Dr Amir Gharehgozli, David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, California State University, USA


The confluence of the availability of incredible amounts of data, methodological developments, the explosion in computing power and storage capacity have given rise to the popularity of “data analytics” in many industries.

Many companies are now aggressively inviting in data analytics tools to generate insights that can help them make well informed business decisions. The maritime industry, although somewhat behind other sectors, has also begun to take advantage of data analytics to aid the smooth running of the global supply chain.

In automated container terminals with a turnover of hundreds of thousands of TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), data analytics can make a significant impact on stacking operations, especially in the era of mega-containerships and sudden changes in the container flow due to various events (e.g. weather, strikes, and so forth).  

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