Mastering Complexity with Advanced Planning and Optimisation



Arjen Heeres, COO, Quintiq, The Netherlands


International sea transportation has expanded dramatically in recent years, making port terminals key players in today’s global shipping network. Increasing shipping volumes is requiring terminals to work at maximum capacity – creating challenges and new opportunities for terminal operators. To compete successfully and make the most of this expanding market, terminal operators must focus on improving their operational efficiency at the quay and within the yard.

Currently, around 35 per cent of all deep sea vessels calling in at European terminals arrive late. Late arrivals and other unforeseen events cause disturbances in the planning of berth places, cranes and prime movers, dock workers, and also impact yard planning. Without advanced planning software, these disturbances can negatively impact operational costs, vessel turnaround times, service levels and employee satisfaction.

With advanced planning and optimisation software, such as the Quintiq solution, particularly when integrated with a terminal operating system, terminal operators can optimise the planning of multiple resources and logistical processes…

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