Lighting solutions and services for harbour terminals



Shanghai Biny Electric Co., Shanghai, China


The rapid advancement of light-saving technology and the wide application of the internet are promoting the transition of lighting consumption management in very large spaces, such as ports and terminals, from the provision of products, to product packages, solutions and services. Focusing on the study of lighting systems in large spaces over the past decade, Shanghai Biny Electric Co. Ltd. (BiNY), a professional Shanghai-based lighting solutions and services provider, has firmly established itself as a market leader within the Chinese lighting sector.

The digitalised high mast

BiNY has developed digitalised high masts with two distinctive features; the patented double system that automatic raises and lowers the head frame; and the intelligent communication terminal housed at the end of the individual high mast. The former is designed for terminal yards where high masts are used to meet both lighting and security surveillance requirements. BiNY is interested in shipping the automatic raising and lowering head frame systems to high mast lighting manufacturers and terminal users overseas. These masts have a larger head frame installed with floodlight lamps and a smaller frame fixed with either one or two CCTV cameras. The latter uses web technology to check, inspect and control the luminaries at the top of the mast from the communication terminal, where a small control kit, the brain of the entire system, is located. Here every fixture (non-sodium or metal halide lamps) of the mast can be controlled by a dimmer, helping the operator to save energy and select freely the most economic lighting programme for their operation. The user can even adjust and monitor their lighting from a smart phone or iPad.

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