Innovation drives green productivity



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Besides the omnipresent requirement to increase productivity, ports across the globe are challenged by ever tighter environmental regulations. Productivity and eco-friendliness represent two main subjects port equipment manufacturers are focussing on in terms of research and development. In the past, numerous innovative tools have been implemented to improve performance and reduce emissions. New potential has to be unlocked in order to boost green productivity.

Growing trade requires more capacity

In 2009, the world merchandise trade volume slumped due to the global impact of the financial crisis. One year after, an impressive rebound set the course for future growth. At the moment we are experiencing an all-time high in terms of import and export rates and further growth is expected in the near future. Growing world merchandise trade intensifies linkage of economies across the globe and, naturally, significantly affects seaborne trade. In 1970, 2.605 million tonnes were loaded in ports worldwide. Ongoing economic development and higher demand has led to ever growing annual handling rates, which rose to just over four million tonnes in 1990. In just 17 years, 2007, seaborne trade volumes doubled. In 2012 loading volume in ports was 128 percent higher than in 1990. In total, 9.165 million tonnes were loaded in 2012. A breakdown shows that oil and gas accounts for 2.836 million tonnes and 2.665 million tonnes are allotted to main bulks, namely iron ore, grain, coal, bauxite and phosphate rock. Other dry cargo, including containers, represents the lion’s share with 3.664 million tonnes. Due to growing cargo volumes, ports face the ubiquitous need to continuously invest in modern port infrastructure. In addition to capacity increases, many ports aim to significantly reduce their environmental impact, especially air pollution and noise emissions. And the key for more productivity and less pollution is innovation.

Innovation for green cargo handling efficiency

Liebherr Maritime Cranes is one …

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