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Impact of 5G and key insights for 2020

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Author(s): Thomas Uyttendaele, Senior Consultant, Internet of Things, Deloitte Belgium

5G is much more than just another G. It will create a big impact for enterprises.

The world’s economy is at another pivotal moment. A key catalyst for growth will be wireless connectivity enabled by 5G networks. In comparison to the adoption of 4G, the introduction of 5G technology will be driven by the enterprises, not by the consumer marker.

5G makes it possible to connect and interact with billions of devices of almost any kind. That will influence every element of how enterprises are operating. Early adopters will have the chance to sustain a long-term competitive advantage.

Featured in the Edition:

Connecting Ports With 5G

PTI Edition 96 • Digital Only
While 5G continues to make headlines for average consumers, from an industry perspective ports and terminals are now exploring how 5G can help enhance operations.

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