Human Factors and Training for Shipping and Port Operators



Dr Paul Liston, and Professor Siobhan Corrigan, Centre for Innovative Human Systems, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland


80% of maritime accidents. Recent high profile accidents in shipping have focused attention on the role of human factors in ensuring the safety of the maritime transport system. ‘Human Factors’ is the term used to describe the scientific discipline which analyses the interactions between humans and other technical and non-technical elements of a system.


Human Factors training is a special type of safety training that focuses on improving an organisation’s ability to tackle the human, organisational and socio-technical risks that it faces on an everyday basis. HF training has been mandated in the aviation sector for almost 20 years. This means that all personnel have to receive initial HF training on a range of topics related to safety and this training is updated at periodic intervals to ensure complacency doesn’t set in…

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