High-res marine seismic tomography for port survey



Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd., Bulimba, QLD, Australia


Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd (MHS) has become aware of the growing trend of port development and marine infrastructure engineers needing broader and deeper geophysical investigations, as current geophysical techniques often fall short of these requirements.

As a consequence of these emerging expectations, MHS has developed a Marine Seismic Tomography (MaST) system to meet the needs of port development and marine infrastructure Engineers.

Based on the well-proven Offshore Oil Industry 2D Seismic System, the MHS Marine Seismic Tomography (MaST) System has been designed specifically to acquire high definition 2D Reflection Seismic and Compressional P-Wave Velocity data over a target penetration depth of 50 metres. MHS has been operating the system on current projects with considerable success.

Our recently commissioned “Generation2 Marine Seismic Tomography System” uses a specialised seismic sound source and a highly sensitive ‘hydrophone streamer’ with matched frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 2.5 kHz. This system now acquires both depth of penetration to 50 metres through harder seabed materials with velocities exceeding 2,700 metres per second, defines the nearer (softer) sub seabed strata ‘reflectors’, and provides Compressional P-wave velocities throughout the vertical profile.

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