Going Beyond Limits



David Moosbrugger, Managing Director, Kuenz, Hard, Austria


In his paper, Kuenz’s Managing Director focuses on the company’s quest to build a next-generation barge crane.

Kuenz has a long history of designing and building rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes for river harbours, which are often known as barge cranes.

In their earlier form, barge cranes were usually designed as single girder lattice cranes and operated in a similar fashion to a ship-to-shore (STS)
crane. The main movement was done with the trolley and hoist, while gantry movement took place slowly.

Today, barge cranes are usually operated almost like an intermodal crane, meaning that the equipment is moved in trolley and gantry direction with high acceleration values and high speeds. Most of the time, these motions overlap.

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