Global Networks in the Container Terminal Operating Industry: Part 1



Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Hofstra University, New York, USA, & Dr. Theo Notteboom, President of ITMMA, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium


The nature and history of global terminal operators

Global terminal operators are defined as companies involved in international port terminal operations with a view of establishing globe-spanning network services. They account for a growing separation between the role assumed by port authorities and terminal operations.

The container terminal operating industry has witnessed an internationalization process during recent decades, which took place in three consecutive waves. The first wave included companies such as HPH, P&O Ports and SSA who expanded their operations in new markets, thereby benefiting from the port privatization schemes in many regions across the world. As soon as the strategies of the pioneers proved to be successful, a second wave of companies started seeking expansion internationally (e.g. PSA, CSX World Terminals and Eurogate)…

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