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Euromax Terminal Rotterdam

Five years after it was opened, the Euromax Terminal Rotterdam remains one of the most modern container terminals in the world. This is because since its operational commissioning in 2010, service and performance have constantly been raised to a higher level – an ongoing process that will never stop.

Terminal characteristics

Euromax Terminal Rotterdam is situated at the northwest corner of the Maasvlakte, directly at the entrance to the port of Rotterdam. Deep-draught ultra large container ships can call at the terminal 24/7 without any restrictions. Our quay is 1.5 kilometres long, with the possibility to extend that to 4.2 kilometres in following phases. The depth along the quay is 16.8 metres; as the size of vessels increases, this can easily be further deepened to 19.6 metres.

Equipment used

On the quay, we use twelve semi-automatic ship-to-shore quay cranes with a reach of 24 containers. All twelve ship-to-shore cranes have a second trolley for further speeding up the crane cycles. That really makes a substantial difference. 96 diesel-electric AGVs – suitable for twin-carrying – transport the containers back and forth between quay and stack. Behind each quay crane there’s space to position four AGVs side by side so that operations can always…

Author(s): Francois Bello, General Manager, Euromax Terminal, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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