Environmentally friendly grab for Rietlanden Stevedores



Verstegen Grijpers B.V, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


Grab programme

Verstegen grab designs are based on the customer specifications of their crane, the working environment and the materials they handle. As a result each grab is optimally suited for the customer. The grab programme includes a variety of single, two and four rope grabs, able to discharge all kinds of bulk material. Verstegen builds grabs for crane capacities up to 85 tonnes. The company specialises in building grabs with high productive capacities and low dead weights.

Minimal dust during discharge

Verstegen has developed special environmentally friendly grabs for handling dusty materials. These grabs have enclosed scales and can be provided with knife sealing systems for handling fine, free flowing materials. In 2006 Verstegen delivered a special coal grab to Rietlanden Stevedores in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for their new floating Gottwald crane. (Model G HPK 8200 B). Rietlanden Stevedores is a leading stevedore who discharges coal and loads scrap in ocean vessels. Last year Rietlanden handled approximately 10 million tonnes of coal. The operation at Rietlanden is subject to very strict environmental conditions, hence the need for special coal grabs.

Verstegen delivered a 36.5 m3 coal grab with a dead weight of 17.3 for the 50 tonne floating Gottwald crane. This grab was designed with an advanced 3D CAD programme. The grab has enclosed scales so that the coal is not exposed to wind and special rubber flaps cover the top side of the scales to  minimise dust emission. Verstegen, a leading grab manufacturer, was founded in 1951 and employs 40 people. They specialise in developing, designing and manufacturing a variety of grabs. The company has manufactured more than ten thousand grabs for all kind of materials and applications, and their grabs are in  operation in more than seventy countries
around the world.

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