Environmental demands for dust-free outloading in ports



Cimbria Moduflex Member of the Cimbria Group of Companies, Herning, Denmark


Taking into account that in most cases today, ports are an integral part of a city and the surrounding landscape, Cimbria Moduflex has supplied dust free loading chutes to ports throughout the world, not the least to protect and improve the general environment and working conditions, but also to offer the port operators and terminals a safe and efficient outloading solution.

Fredericia Shipping, Denmark

When it comes to improving the internal as well as the external environment, Cimbria Moduflex has among others delivered a loading chute to Fredericia Shipping, Denmark, for loading ships with various types of grain.

The decisive demand to be fulfilled was that of dust-free outloading, as the port in Fredericia is located right next to a marina. Furthermore, in order to improve the working conditions, the company was determined on eliminating a heavy dust problem which required that the staff operating the equipment constantly wore dust masks.

The supplied chute is a type VF650 with integrated filter at the chute head. The chute is comprised of an inlet attached to the motor winch, a series of guide cones, a flexible outer bellow and the discharge head. The chute has a total extended length of approximately 15 metres and loads the ships at a capacity of up to 700 t/h (1,000 m3/h) with different qualities of grain. The chute can handle maximum 1,200 m3/h.

The loading chute has now been installed and commissioned successfully. Coincidently, this order was done in cooperation with Cimbria Videbaek – a sister company to Cimbria Moduflex – who has designed, extended and renovated the mobile ship loader with an integrated feeder, and incorporated the Moduflex loading chute at the end of the conveyor belt.

The system is designed so flexibly that it can also be used for stockpiling in the warehouse when unloading ships. Fredericia Shipping is very satisfied with the performance of the loading system, which has greatly improved the working conditions for the operators and suppressed dust escaping to the surrounding  environment.

Energy E2, Denmark

Likewise, Cimbria Moduflex was preferred to ensure a dust-free and efficient outloading of wood pellets into ships for the Danish power supply group Energy E2. The local authorities demanded that Energy E2 eliminate the dust billowing from their loading, as this caused a nuisance to the surrounding environment in general, and especially as the loading point is very close to the town centre and right next to a ferry berth.

The loading chute is of a similar type as the chute for Fredericia Shipping and has basically the same configuration, although the length is 16.5 metres, and what is more important, due to the nature of the product, the chute is equipped with explosion proof components in accordance with the ATEX directive.

If required, the customer furthermore has the ability to equip the filter units at the discharge outlet with noise reduction kits to secure an even better working environment for the operators.

The customer reviewed a number of different proposals from various suppliers of ship loading chutes, and the order was awarded to Cimbria Moduflex after the in-depth evaluation of the various technologies and commercial conditions.  The conclusion of this work was that Cimbria Moduflex was the only supplier who could meet the stringent demands of the customer and solve the problem of dust emissions they had with their old system.

Glaverbel, Belgium

In Belgium, Cimbria Moduflex has – in cooperation with VDE Engineering – installed a type VF300 at the company Glaverbel, proving that the Moduflex VF-type loading chutes are economically and technically viable solution to use for warehouse stockpiling purposes.  One of the issues, which also needed to be taken into consideration, was the extreme dust emission in the outloading situation, which was a health hazard for the employees.

The chute is comprised of an abrasive resistant inlet attached to the motor winch, a series of guide cones, a flexible outer bellow and the discharge head with integrated filter.  The chute has a total extended length of approximately 21 metres and loads dolomite in a number of loading bays at a capacity of up to 250 m3/h.

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