Environmental and financial benefits of using loading spouts



BGS Holland, The Netherlands


Clouds of dust are created frequently when loading dry goods in bulk. These lead not only to contamination of the surroundings, but also to product loss. In urban areas they cause, with increasing frequency, complaints by residents in the surrounding areas. This results often in time-intensive discussion with residents’  organisations and environmental bodies. BGS loading spouts prevent the creation of dust and dust clouds. In this way they help you to save time and money. Your company, the environment and the nearby residents will benefit.

The BGS range includes spouts for loading ships, railway wagons, trucks and tank vehicles. BGS supplies various versions of loading spouts and with many ancillaries, which allows them to be adapted to the specific properties of each type of dry bulk good.


The BGS spouts are designed for loading dry, granular or powder products that are prone to produce dust during loading. They can be fitted, for example, under a silo or at the end of a screw conveyor or conveyor belt.

All types can, if required, be connected to a dust extraction system. The loading spouts have a manually-operated or electrical lifting mechanism. The BGS spouts are built in series with capacities up to 2,000 m3 hr and are used successfully for loading cattle food, flour products, artificial fertiliser, salt, coke, cement products and other bulk goods.


• Robust and perfectly finished

• Long life, even with abrasive products

• Good dust removal because of the optimum extraction space between the internal section and the generously-sized outer bellow

• Fitted quickly and simply

• Electrically wired and tested in the factory

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