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Digital Border Agencies: Toward a Technology Driven Future

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Author(s): James Canham, Managing Director, Accenture Border Services

Technology permeates our everyday activities, but its reach is even larger than that: governments and businesses are increasingly using their products and services to reshape, reimagine, and transform how our society works, communicates, and even governs. According to our global 2018 Accenture Technology Vision survey, 82% of public service, business and IT executives agree that technology is enabling their organizations to weave themselves seamlessly into the fabric of citizen’s lives.

Savvy border services organizations know that this level of connection will require a new relationship with citizens, one that’s based not only on the products and services it provides, but also on its goals and values. 

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Ports of the Future

PTI Edition 80 • Digital & Print
This edition of The Journal of Ports & Terminals sees the world’s leading smart ports articulate their operations, practices and plans for the future in order to show what makes them the world’s leading digital ports. The edition also features insight into a variety of key topics and includes DP World, ABB, Navis, Accenture and a host of leading academics.

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