Digital transformation: real results



Richard Morton, Secretary General, International Port Community Systems Association (IPSCA)


Ask a port operator about their strategy for the next few years and there’s a word you will always hear: digitalisation. Yes, that has been the case for some time – but the difference now is that we are seeing real projects, real results and a genuine understanding of what can be achieved.

While 2020 was hardly a year we will remember fondly, there are always silver linings to be found. The COVID-19 pandemic focused minds even more on digitalisation and the way in which it can transform operations by increasing safety, improving efficiency, cutting costs and delivering greener solutions.

IPCSA welcomes this acceleration towards digital technology. As we celebrate our tenth anniversary of our association – IPCSA was officially formed in June
2011 – we will, of course, be reflecting and looking back on the past decade. But, at the same time, our members are focusing firmly on what happens next and we are celebrating that too!

Among the many examples of members’ digital transformation work, and as well as several collective projects such as our Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN), I would like to highlight the Port of Ravenna’s Digital Twin project; Djibouti Port Community System’s (PCS) work to enable tracking, transparency and visibility in the cross-border supply chain; and the Indian Ports Association’s various Digital Ports Projects in India.

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