Damen Introduces 10 New Tugs: The Standard Series



Coen Boudesteijn, Damen Product Director Tugs, Damen, Gorinchem, Netherlands


The tugs of the Damen Standard Tug Series have been proven as top quality, high performance ship handling tugs, designed for working under the flare of container vessels. They are characterised by ergonomic layouts, towline-friendly designed, stainless steel towing bitts and fairleads, well-shaped funnels and superstructures and heavy fendering. Our tugs have to be both user friendly and maintenance friendly. 
Quite often tugs from competitors require modifications after delivery. For example, other yards use bottom coolers for the main engines (resulting in higher fuel consumption) or inter cooling, which is less reliable. The Damen Standard closed cooling system allows box coolers to be fully integrated in order to guarantee a flush hull and an optimal water flow. It is remarkable to see the efficiency, handling speed, compactness of the Damen ASDs/RSDs. In harbours, normally two tugs carry out the assistance during mooring and departure. But with Damen tugs, sometimes one tug is doing it; assisting at the bow or stern, pulling, pushing and escorting.
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Additionally, thanks to an optimal underwater design, with flush, round bilge hulls, and with specially shaped skegs, the Damen ASD Tug Series has the lowest fuel consumption in the market. Due to the quick reaction time of the CAT 3516 and MTU 4000 with 1600rpm main engines with twin turbos, the acceleration and the handling speed of the Damen ASD Tug Series is really phenomenal…
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