Comprehensive Port Management Information System



Klein Systems Group Ltd., Vancouver, Canada


Maritime domain awareness
Safely control vessel traffic via the KleinPort interface to Vessel Traffic (VTS) or Automatic Identification (AIS) systems. Enter vital security related information to maintain compliance with ISPS code Port and Facility Plans. Track dangerous cargoes that arrive, depart and transit the maritime region of interest, while also managing all incidents and delays. Configure warning messages to notify users of any abnormal practices or omitted procedures. KleinPort increases awareness and security in the maritime domain.

Voyage booking
Vessel activities and cargo details are recorded in KleinPort. Authorised users are able to input critical information directly to the system via a secure web interface. Electronic manifest information can be sent in via email. Data is validated against preconfigured system business rules to ensure accurate processing and improve operating effectiveness.

Status tracking & conflict identification
Through the use of configurable ‘status’ settings a vessel visit is easily tracked. Users are constantly kept aware of the current situation as well as the next operational step during the vessel’s stay in or transit through the maritime domain. Statuses of vessels, cargo and accounts can also be accessed via the web interface, providing significant organisational benefits and improving communications with customers. KleinPort’s sophisticated Conflict Identification system warns of potential issues such as multiple bookings to the same berth, vessel draft violations, channel conflicts, and a lack of confirmed resources to service the vessel to name a few.

Berth planning and graphical tools
KleinPort has a number of tools to assist in planning. The Berthing Tool gives a graphical view of the vessels and berths, providing the ability to accurately re-position vessels to specific pier marks or to adjacent berths. The Ships in Port view shows all berths and anchorages in the maritime domain plus the identity and particulars of vessels at those locations.

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