BiNY: next generation smart LED high-mast lighting



Jimmy Zhang, R&D Manager; Barry Cai, Senior Thermal Engineer; and, Jacy Zhou, Senior Optical Engineer; BiNY, Shanghai, China


What difference will smart LED light sources plus a real-time control solution make to high-mast lighting at harbor sectors? As an overall solution provider of VLS (VeryLargeSpace®) lighting, BiNY has initiated the smart high-wattage floodlights, offering much greater control for harbour operators.

Besides the main features such as high efficiency lumen output, IP65 protection, environment-friendly components and shock absorption as is the case with most other BiNY products, BiNY’s LED luminaire will go further to meet several special requirements regarding the light application on high-masts in harbour sectors.

An integrated structure

We have designed the new model in such a way that the sink itself will also work as the fixture. This structure reduces the weight of the fitting to 15 kilograms, which is actually one half of the conventional HID luminaries of 30 kilograms and above. The electronic drives to be mounted onto the back as little attachments will be easily retrofitted.

Thermal management can guarantee the reliability of high-wattage luminaires, equaling 50,000 hours at 25ºC. The excellent heat dissipation is decisive for the working of high-wattage LED luminaires.

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