Big Data = Big Challenges: A Solution Based Approach



Olivier Ruelle, Global Systems Manager, Conductix-Wampfler, France


Oliver Ruelle overviews how the growing amount of data and information being generated by the maritime sector can be managed intelligently by ports and terminals.

By helping to grow international trade, containerships continue to show themselves to be an important part of the logistics chain for international value creation.

As the number of container terminals along international shipping routes grows, so too does the demand for automated systems to manage data and information throughout individual terminals. In all areas we see growth trends for smart systems that infuse technical capabilities into a company’s operation and maintenance strategies.

An ongoing concern at every port is how much activity at terminals will cease as a result of equipment failure.

Variables such as multiple equipment systems on a single platform and maintenance intervals, or crane hourly rates, contribute towards increasing operational expenses (OPEX).

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