A New Concept in Handling Mega-Ships: Part II



Frans Koch, CEO, Kock Consultancy Group, Goes, the Netherlands


In Port Technology International Edition 65, Frans Koch presented his New Generation Integrated Container Terminals concept (read here) as a solution to increase the number of quay cranes on one ship and to improve the productivity of each quay crane by a higher performance in stack operations. The article brought him many reactions from across the industry, and Frans now wishes to provide further explanation about other possibilities within the system. In this second part of the article, Frans concentrates on the transfer between AGV (automatic guided vehicle) and OHBC (overhead bridge crane) directly behind the STS-cranes at deep-sea terminals.

The transfer location

First of all, it is important to see that the location where a transfer usually takes place can be shifted approximately 100 metres towards the quay. At the current modern automated container terminals, stack lanes are perpendicular to the quay, and the transfer between AGV and RMG takes place…

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