New Paper: 3D visualisation: creating an optimal environment



Ekaterina Sokolova, Market Intelligence Specialist Transas Shore-Based Systems and Dmitry Rostopshin, Product Manager Transas Shore-Based Systems, Transas


Over the last decade we have witnessed an important evolution of Vessel Traffic Services technology, as well as related policies. Today, even the smallest ports are equipped with a Vessel Traffic Management System in order to be compliant with existing regulations and run safe and effective navigation practices.

Most of the efforts have been devoted to the development of technologies which are put behind VTS systems, including overall improvements in quality of data presentation, improvement of the radar processing technologies, the way data is distributed and exchanged, integration of the VTS with other national-scale security maritime and intelligence systems like coastal surveillance, global maritime distress safety (GMDSS), and search and rescue (SAR).

One of the recent developments introduced in the VTS technology market has been the 3D VTS application, developed to provide real-time 3-dimensional visualisation of a VTS area. 3D technology is not new in the maritime industry and already widely used in different areas, bringing a unique opportunity for an overall improvement of safety and security in maritime operations. 3D is used today for simulation of any type of maritime or port operation and is becoming fundamental. Therefore the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a resolution according to which the use of simulation for some courses has become mandatory as part of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) requirement.

This article will demonstrate in more detail how the usage of visual 3D aids helps a VTS operator to be ready to foresee potential dangerous situations and perform more effectively in a job. Furthermore, it will demonstrate how a 3D VTS tool can be valuable in incident investigation and debriefing, as well as in training…

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