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2020: the future is now

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Author(s): Lars Jensen, CEO, SeaIntelligence, Copenhagen, Denmark

When it comes to the transformation of the container shipping industry, the past 20 years can be considered a gradual “warm-up” leading to the stark changes which are now rapidly beginning to make their mark.

This also means that 2020 and the years following will see more rapid and profound changes in business and operating models than we have been accustomed to.

Featured in the Edition:

2019 in Review With a View to 2020

PTI Edition • Digital Only
Welcome to the final publication of the E-Journal for 2019. In this round up of 2019 we take a look at some of the significant changes and key themes that have driven ports to invest in new technologies as well as how container shipping is dealing with the latest rules and regulation. We also take an informed view of how 2020 will look and what the next decade will hold for the industry.

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