Automation Fails, But Can Win Big



Daniel Reiss, President; and Dr Joseph H. Discenza, Ph.D., Automated Terminal Systems, Virginia, USA


With the increase in vessel sizes, terminal operators have finally realised that they will no longer be able to handle mega-ships in an efficient and economical manner without some level of automation. Some operators have sought to meet this challenge by ‘automating’ specific portions of their operations; adding CCD-TV, GPS devices, sensors and automatic steering to RTG cranes and straddle carriers.

Automated Guided Vehicles [AGVs] have been elaborated and even gate systems have become more complex. Others have ‘gone-all-in’ and adopted versions of a RMG system based on a design introduced by HHLA at Altenwerder. However, even the most automated terminals that have come online have not fulfi lled expectati ons of lower operating costs and increased berth and yard efficiency…

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