Watch: Ferry Causes Chaos Following Terminal Crash

 31 Oct 2018 03.12pm

Video footage has emerged online of a vessel crashing into a crane at the Port of Barcelona, which has hosted a press conference to comment on the incident.

Following a report from the Associated Press on the morning of October 31, 2018, which stated that a fire had broken out after a collision between a cargo ship and a crane, it has been confirmed that the vessel in question was actually a ferry ship.

At 13.30 on October 31, Director General of the Port of Barcelona José Carbonell, Maritime Captain Javier Valencia, and Director of Corporate Security Bernat Baró, spoke to the media about the accident.



According to Carbonell, a fire started when the GNV Excellent ferry crashed into a crane at APM Terminals’ Muelle Sur container terminal.

In addition to this, the crane collapsed on several containers at the facility, seven of which stored dangerous goods.



However, Carbonell also stated that the contents of these containers do not present a high risk to industrial safety levels at the Port of Barcelona.

The fire caused by the collision was quickly extinguished and no injuries have been reported at this time.

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