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Watch China’s Biggest Automated Terminal in Action

Chinese state media has published new video footage of the world's largest automated terminal — the fourth phase of the Yangshan deep-water port in Shanghai, that was opened at the start of this week.

Trials at the terminal, which is the size of 312 football pitches, have taken place to test equipment for any glitches.

Multiple videos show that the terminal, which has more than 100 pieces of intelligent equipment, seems to be working correctly.

The fourth phrase of Yangshan port, developed independently by China, takes up an area of 2.23 million square meters, with two 70,000 dead-weight tonnage (DWT) berths and five 50,000 DWT berths.

Port Technology's Container Terminal Automation Conference will focus on how ports can utilize Automated Intelligence & AI on March 14 – 15, 2018 – London, UK

Learn more about how the port is part of a regulated network by reading the 'Chinese Seaport Governance: Reform and the Influence of Broader Policies' technical paper by Professor Dr Theo Notteboom, Shanghai Maritime University, China; Ghent University, University of Antwerp, Belgium; and Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium

In the preliminary stage, 50 driverless automatic guided vehicles (AGV), 10 ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and 40 rail-mounted gantry cranes will be handling cargo.

According to the plan for the port, the fourth phase of the Yangshan deep water port will increase this to 130 AGVs, 26 overhead cranes and 120 rail-mounted gantry cranes.

According to CCTV+, Luo Xunjie, Vice General-Manager of Zhendong Container Terminal Branch under the Shanghai International Port Group, said: “The port is automated in container loading and intelligent in production.

“The background system collects and sorts out all the instructions and information, inputs them into a computer.

“Then the intelligent system turns them into operation instructions and sends them to the operational equipment.

“Then the unmanned operational equipment achieves efficient and safe automated operation.”

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