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WATCH: APMT Apapa’s Female Innovators

WATCH: APMT Apapa’s Female Innovators

APM Terminals (APMT) has released a video titled ‘Women at Work, APM Terminals Apapa’ as part of its efforts to build an inclusive workplace in the terminal.

The video features several of the terminal’s female crane operators, who have been hired following the Nigerian government’s decision in 2019 to allow women to work night shifts.

According to APMT Apapa, Umeonyido Aniemeka, its Head of Human Resources, previously said that the government’s move would lead to an increase in women applying for posted vacancies.

“This anticipation is now a reality,” APMT said, “and the terminal is positioned to build an inclusive workplace where all talents have the same opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential.”

The Apapa Container Terminal is located near to Nigeria’s largest city and business center, Lagos, as well as key industrial and consumer markets.

Furthermore, it is also the country’s largest container terminal and has recently become an agricultural hub for a new Cold Chain project aimed at preserving perishable goods transported by reefer containers.

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