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Victoria container terminal completes automation upgrade with Navis N4

Melbourne, Australia - Nov 25, 2018: Aerial photo of the Port of Melbourne container terminal with Melbourne CBD in the background. It is Australia's busiest cargo port
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Operational technology provider Navis has announced Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) has become the first fully automated container terminal in Australia after completing its automation upgrade to Navis’ N4 TOS.

Having now competed the upgrade, the terminal located at Wedd Dock in the Port of Melbourne, is able to reduce turnaround times and delivering efficiency in key areas such as gate and container yard, according to a statement from Navis.

“By continuing to optimize through automation upgrades and continuous improvement analysis, VICT strives to deliver the best possible service to our customers,” said COO of VICT, Jon Wheeler.

“By upgrading our TOS through constant collaboration between Navis and our internal automation team, VICT’s focus is to consistently improve operational safety and productivity efficiencies for all our stakeholders.

“Since the upgrade, we have seen continuity in uptime, reduced exception handling, berth productivity improvement and greater efficiencies with our industry leading landslide operation of multiple containers. We are looking forward to working with Navis and enhancing our waterside operations further.”

Utilising a key upgrade from Navis to the N4 3.8 AutoShuttle scheduler, VICT is able to increase system robustness and uptime while shortening truck turnaround time for trucks with multiple transactions, according to Navis.

Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, Navis, Charles Gerard, added, “It is truly incredible to see how far VICT has come in just a few short years, from greenfield site to a leading powerhouse, setting the standard for automation for container terminals globally.”

“The industry continues to battle disruption and constraints as fallout from the pandemic and VICT remains committed to doing its part to facilitate trade. The terminal is ensuring that vessels are processed in a timely manner and essential goods coming through the port get where they are needed most.

“Using the most advanced technology, including N4, to fully automate its processes and deliver extra capacity to the port, VICT acts as a safe and reliable gateway to keep goods flowing in and out of the country.”

In August 2021, it was reported that the container terminal of Port of Durres (CTPD) had also implemented an upgrade to its systems. The terminal transitioned to cloud operations through the Navis SaaS solution, enabling them to streamline day-to-day operations and lay the groundwork for continuous terminal innovation.

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