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Typhoon Meranti Tears Away Container Ships

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The strongest storm of the year has wreaked havoc on the Port of Kaohsiung, throwing cargo off board and cutting vessels adrift, according to reports.

An estimated 10 vessels broke loose in the harbour of the largest port in Taiwan on the night of Wednesday August 14, 2016.

The Port of Felixstowe reported that a 14,000 TEU cargo ship became adrift and destroyed two gantry cranes (tweet below).

Locals and visitors witnessed containers being thrown off ships by winds that reportedly reached well over 200 mph.

Over 2000 people had been evacuated from dangerous regions, and there are still extreme weather warnings being issued as heavy rains and winds continue and mudslides are expected.

The typhoon moved on to mainland China after hitting the Philippines and Southern Taiwan, and it is the worst mainland China has seen since records began in 1949, as well as being the worst storm of 2016.

PTI previously reported that the typhoon was so large it enveloped an entire Philippine island – home to 3000 people – and warned of its path through Taiwan’s largest port; the damage done exceeded all expectations.

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