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PTI Exclusive: TBA on Semi-Automated Ports

PTI Exclusive: TBA on Semi-Automated Ports

According to Dr. Yvo Saanen, Owner of TBA Group, ports and terminals pursuing automation can deploy a whole host of technologies to boost the efficiency of their operations.

In the third instalment of a four-part series, Saanen continues his overview of how automation can benefit the industry, in terms of efficiency, speed and safety.

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While there are conventional ports at one end of the spectrum that are completely manually-operated, and entirely robotised ports at the other, there also exists a middle-ground: semi-automated ports.

These facilities, as Saanen argues, can “cherry-pick” the aspects of automated terminals which are economically viable and less likely to cause disruption, reaping the benefits of advanced technologies without compromising their business.

Yvo Saanen, Pascal Bierhuizen and Arjen de Waal, TBA, explore high-definition simulation in a recent Port Technology technical paper

For more of this series, which has seen the Founder of TBA Group discuss key terminal trends and the challenges of brownfield automation, please visit Port Technology’s YouTube channel.

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