Port Ban Pulls DP World into Qatar Dispute

 06 Jun 2017 09.33am

DP World has been embroiled in Middle East political tensions after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Arab states announced the closure of all transport ties with Qatar on Monday (June 5, 2017).

Qatar is now at the mercy of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE after they severed ties with the wealthy Gulf Arab state for supposedly supporting terrorism that is destabilising the region.

The Dubai-based global port operator’s portfolio doesn’t include Qatar, but it will be affected as the UAE is a major transshipment hub for cargo headed to the country.

A DP World spokesperson has reportedly confirmed to Zawya that the terminal operator is currently working with government authorities on resolving the matter.

The Saudis Port Authority has confirmed that no vessels will be allowed coming from or going to Qatar, regardless of the vessels' flag or owner’s nationality, and the port of Fujairah has issued a notice barring all vessels carrying Qatari flags and any destined for or arriving from Qatari ports.

Reuters has reported seeing a notice by authorities.

The notice said: "As part of the decision taken by the United Arab Emirates to break off all diplomatic relations with Qatar, vessels flying the flag of Qatar or vessels destined to or arriving from Qatar ports are not allowed to call on the Port of Fujairah or Fujairah Offshore Anchorage regardless of the nature of their call until further notice."

Qatar has also been expelled from a Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen.

Last month, the coalition renewed vows to fight off the Houthi group which is controlling the Port of Hodeidah in Yemen.

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