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Port of Xiamen unveils plans for digital upgrade

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The Xiamen Container Terminal Group has announced that the Port of Xiamen will become the first port in China to be “fully intelligent” after unveiling plans to digitise operations using the Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G.

In a statement, the Group said the project will not only improve the Port’s international competitiveness but serve as a “benchmark” for upgrading China’s industrial and transportation infrastructure.

The digital upgrade shall begin at the Hairun Wharf already has the foundation for a fully intelligent transformation with ongoing projects in quay crane remote control, gantry crane remote control, container intelligent loading and unloading and driverless testing projects.

Credit: Xiamen Container Terminal Group

The aforementioned loading and unloading upgrade will, according to the Group, be implemented by ZPMC after the completion of the bidding process.

The next step will be to upgrade its process optimisation by implementing an intelligent terminal operating system (TOS), which will include new container loading and unloading processes.

Furthermore, it will include upgrades to the yard operation and the utilisation of driver-less machines and new communication and information networks.

The new TOS system will reconstruct the port logistics ecosystem, promote the automatic matching of logistics resources, and improve the efficiency of the port logistics chain, according to the Group.

This “super-powerful brain” will have real-time collection of production operation information, AI algorithms, self-learning, three-dimensional panoramic visualization, and will coordinate and dispatch various resources such as terminal intelligent equipment to realize intelligent terminal operations.

The project is set to be completed by the end of 2021.

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