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Port of Abidjan takes delivery of six fleet gantries

Portiques CIT

Côte d’Ivoire Terminal has acquired six fleet gantries for the second container terminal currently under construction at the Port of Abidjan.

The equipment was supplied by ZPMC on 23 April on a semi-submersible vessel specially designed to carry gantries.

The delivery is part of an overall order of 13 fleet gantries.

The 30-meter-high handling equipment will be used for the loading, unloading and storage of containers in the container yard and is equipped with a control system and a new-generation power supply system that significantly reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

“The new fleet gantries we have received are part of the eco-responsible approach implemented for this project,“ said Koen de Backker, Managing Director of Côte d’Ivoire Terminal.

“In addition to buildings that meet the highest environmental standards, the equipment at the future terminal is part of the Green Terminal environmental labelling process.”

The terminal at the Port of Abidjan aims to improve logistics services in Côte d’Ivoire and the countries of the sub-region.

With an overall investment of 262 billion CFA francs ($416 million), the terminal will be equipped with six gantry cranes, 13 fleet gantries and 36 tractors, all electric.

“This equipment is the first in a long series, with the first electric tractors due to arrive in May 2022 and the first gantry cranes in August 2022,” explained Olivier de Noray, Managing Director of port concessions at Bolloré Ports.

“The arrival of this equipment solidifies the investment commitments made by Côte d’Ivoire Terminal and its key shareholders, Bolloré and APMT”.

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